My Journey To Becoming A Full Stack Marketer

My Journey To Becoming A Full Stack Marketer

I came across the term “Full stack marketer” for the first time when I decided to quit my stable marketing job at a big corporate to look for remote opportunities working for startups.

Why you might ask… well the truth is that was a time in my life when I was bitten by the travel bug and got really inspired by those “Digital Nomad” and “Lifestyle Design” videos on YouTube and Instagram. That was also the time when I was reading the “4 hour work week” by Tim Ferris’. Anyways, I will save that story for another day.

So when I started applying for digital marketing jobs at startups, one thing quickly became clear to me. Most of the startups needed someone who can “wear multiple hats”.

Ofcourse one reason behind that is the ‘lean startup’ approach and trying to minimize the fluff, but more importantly it is the idea of seamlessly following the customer journey across different channels with a coherent messaging.

A wholesome understanding of who the customer is and how to interact with them at every touch point is my definition of “full stack marketing” .

Full stack marketing skills

SEO – Making a website more ‘Google Friendly’ so that it shows up more in Google search results and more people click on the results and the end up on the website.



Social Media

Conversion Rate Optimization

Web Analytics




These are some of the most important skills that you should look at building, if full stack marketing is your goal.

This might sound overwhelming at first, but trust me you will get there! Being perfect at all of these is not a pre requisite to get started. You start by getting well versed with a couple of these skills and then keep developing the others on the job.

Which is the most important skill to focus for a full stack marketer?

From the perspective of a business owner or stakeholder, I think the most important skill to perfect is the one where the most money is at stake.

In my experience, it could depend on the business model but 90% of the times running ads is a crucial skill to begin with. SEM/display ads are the lion’s share in startup marketing budgets. Often times they are also the bread winners in the beginning stages.

Don’t get me wrong – SEO, Content and building a brand are equally crucial to grow in the long term.. although they are more forgiving and give you a chance to test and try out different strategies while learning and perfecting. On the other hand with SEM you are losing money per click. Don’t even get me started on how expensive CPCs are getting these days.

Where do I start?

To get a job in marketing without any experience or a marketing degree can be quite difficult.

Digital marketing world is flooded with tools, technologies, jargon and

Who to follow?

Some people will hate me for saying this but the truth is that most of the biggest influencers and content creators in the digital marketing world are also business people trying to push some paid tool, services, subscriptions, ebooks, courses, certificates, etc etc.

Here are some things you can do o your own to prepare yourself :

Find out what you are good at and start from there….

If you like writing –

  1. Create a website/blog – for digital marketers your online presence is your CV.

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